International Capoeira Society

International Capoeira Society Hong Kong

The main mission of the International Capoeira Society is to monitor, regulate and improve the quality of capoeira in all of China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

The Iinternational Capoeira Society is dedicated to the growth of Capoeira within all of China, by means of organising courses, seminars, demonstrations and competitions enabling our registered team of qualified teachers to present the reality of Capoeira to schools, clubhouses, colleges, organisations, corporations, charity and other entities all year round.

Capoeira has alot of cross roots within the Brazilian culture therefore it is another mission of the International Capoeira Society that it does not limit itself to just the Capoeira but to a much wider spectrum of arts that make up the foundation of todays Brazilian culture. Traditional dance, music, arts and sports seminars as well as performances are also included in the activities organised by the International Capoeira Society.

Latest Project

Jornada Brasileira 2013

Jornada Brasileira - Brazilian Journey

The aim is to re-create a piece of Brazil right here in Hong Kong. We are taking the setting of an average market square in Brazil and everything that might happen there along the way.

Arts n crafts market, Capoeira grading, BJJ competition, football, Free Feijoada and drinks, Samba Batucada drumming with dancers, live Pagode band, traditional folkloric dances and much more.

Upcoming Events

Some of the events already in planning stage for the 2013 / 2014 year by ICS are listed below. Click the link to the Events page for more detailed information.

  • Jornada Brasileira 2013
  • Group Capoeira Brazil Batizado 2013
  • Inter-School Capoeira Competition
  • Instructors Training Camp 2013
  • Samba Dance Seminar 2013
  • 2014 Brazil Training & Education Tour